Developed according to the PAS 1054 guidelines for digital mammography, this phantom is designed to check the image quality performance of digital mammography systems. These tests should be carried out at acceptance to establish a baseline, and on a routine basis, keeping an ongoing record of the test results, which will indicate any deterioration in performance.


Phantom (40mm thickness) with:

  • Aluminium step wedge (14 steps from 0 – 5.2mm)
  • Structure plate (6mm thickness) with cut-out to house the various test inserts
  • 4 sets of steel balls for measuring missed tissue at chest wall
  • PMMA insert with engraved square ROI
  • High contrast insert (50% surface PMMA / 50% surface steel)
  • CNR insert (0.1mm Aluminium square)

4 Attenuator plates (2x 10mm, 2x 20mm)

Conforms to standards:

  • PASMAM 1054
TO PASMAM phantom
TO PASMAM phantom