Tissue Equivalent Materials

Tissue equivalent materials.

  • Water Equivalent (WT1)
  • Adipose (AP7)
  • Breast (BR12)
  • Breast Equivalent (from 0-100% glandularity / 0-100% adipose)
  • Hard Cortical Bone (SB5)
  • Inner Bone (IB7)
  • Rib or Average Bone (RB2)
  • Bone Equivalent (HA up to 1200 mg/cm3)
  • Lung (LN10)
  • Soft Tissue (ST1)
  • Kidney (KD1)
  • Liver (LV1)

Suitable for both kV and MV energies.

Available in many sizes and shapes, including molded or machined cavities to house dosemeters.

Please contact us for more details and pricing.

Tissue Equivalent Materials
Tissue Equivalent Materials