PIXMAM-3D is a routine image quality phantom for testing of digital breast tomosynthesis mammography systems.

PIXMAM-3D comprises:

  • (1pc)300 x 240 x 5mm* plate with 25 embedded spheres (1mm dia.) for Z-resolution (also available separately)
  • (1pc)300 x 240 x 20mm* plate with embedded 99.99% Al foil (0.20x10x10mm)
  • (1pc)300 x 240 x 5mm* plate
  • (1pc)300 x 240 x 10mm* plate
  • (2pc)300 x 240 x 20mm* plates

PIXMAM-3D allows the following tests to be conducted:

  • AEC checks
  • Detector homogeneity
  • Geometric distortion
  • SNR
  • CNR
  • Image resolution
  • Z-resolution test

* All parts produced to a 1% tolerance thickness

Conforms to standards:

  • EUREF Protocol for the Quality Control of the Physical and Technical Aspects of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Systems
PIXMAM 3D Phantom
PIXMAM 3D Phantom

PIXMAM 3D stackPIXMAM 3D close-up