Nuclear Medicine

Gamma Resolution

Rigid PMMA and Pb bar phantom for the quality control of spatial resolution of gamma cameras. The Gamma resolution phantom consists of four sections, each with different bar dimensions, and features engraved, pigment filled centre lines for accurate and repeatable positioning.

External dimensions:
17.5 x 400 x 540mm

Pb bar thickness:

Bar dimensions for the four sections are:

  • Quadrant 1
    Number of bars: 41
    Bar width and spacing: 3.2mm
    Bar length: 190mm
  • Quadrant 2
    Number of bars: 24
    Bar width and spacing: 4.0mm
    Bar length: 260mm
  • Quadrant 3
    Number of bars: 28
    Bar width and spacing: 4.8mm
    Bar length: 190mm
  • Quadrant 4
    Number of bars: 15
    Bar width and spacing: 6.4mm
    Bar length: 260mm
Gamma Resolution Phantom
Gamma Resolution Phantom