IsoCube Features

  • Daily morning QA
  • Positioning and Re-Positioning accuracy check
  • Laser alignment check
  • Light field size check, Radiation vs. Light field alignment
  • Imaging (kV) and treatment (MV) coordinate coincidence
  • CBCT coordinate isocenter coincidence
  • ODI and table position accuracy

Routine Imager QA

  • Imaging (kV) and treatment (MV) coordinate coincidence (all 4 cardinal gantry angles)
  • OBI automatic registration object
  • CBCT isocenter coincidence
  • Imaging and treatment beam angle check
  • Gantry rotation angle check
  • kV field size check

General Features

  • Alignment plate for fast easy sub-mm alignment accuracy
  • Attaches to standard treatment couch indexing systems
  • High resolution bubble level
  • Accurate, intuitive fiducial markers for central and offset objects
  • Lightweight
  • Water-equivalent phantom with clearly visible markers

Radia Module – Automated analysis checks for:

  • kV-MV coincidence (all 4 cardinal gantry angles)
  • Radiation vs. light field alignment
  • CBCT coincidence
  • kV field size check
  • Fast, intuitive reports
  • Track results with RITtrend
  • Conform to TG142 recommendations
Automatic analysis software is available for this phantom: